Unit types

Unit types group individual units for the customer booking portal by size, price, or common features. Customers select a unit type instead of individual units in the booking portal. The system reserves and assigns the next available unit of that type during the booking process.

Clicking on a unit type in your list will take you to that unit type's page. There are 5 sections within a unit type where you can view and update various settings and activities.


The Details tab is where you will find high level occupancy information and where you will configure the customer-facing content and more advanced settings.


There is a breakdown in this section of the occupancy percentage of the unit type based on the 4 states of a unit: Available, Blocked, Reserved, and Occupied. This percentage is important as this is what drives the dynamic pricing feature.

Unit type details

This is where you will configure important settings related to main information and prices. Clicking on '> Advanced' will dropdown to show you the internal unit type code and whether the unit type is currently visible in the booking portal or not.

Click on the pencil icon to edit this information.

  • Title: Unit type name in the customer booking portal.
  • Subtitle: A description of the unit type.
  • Image: The image for the unit type in the booking portal. You can download free illustrations here.
  • Deposit: Deposit amount being charged.
  • Deposit (display): You can enter a different amount to display in the booking portal if desired. Enter 0 to have the actual deposit amount listed.
  • Rent: Rate to be charged per period.
  • Rent (display): You can enter a different amount to display in the booking portal if desired. Enter 0 to have the actual rent amount listed.
  • Code: The internal identifier for the unit type. This is also what is listed in the URL when selecting the unit type in the booking portal.
  • Order:  The order in which the unit type will appear in the customer portal. Enter 1 to list the unit type first, 2 will be next in the list, and so on.
  • Hide in Cust. Portal?: Toggle this setting ON to make the unit type not display in the booking portal.

Dynamic pricing

Configure your dynamic pricing rules here. Click here for more information on dynamic pricing.

General information

Enter more detailed information related to the unit type here. This is customer-facing information that displays in the booking portal. This section supports Markdown formatting as well as some simple HTML such as hyperlinks.


Select the feature(s) that apply to the unit type. Features are setup and managed in your Main settings under the Self storage section.

An example of how these settings display in the customer booking portal


The Units section displays all units in your account of this unit type. You can also click the + button to create new units. Functionality for this section is identical to the main units section found in your site settings. Click here for more information.

The numbers in the sidebar (e.g., 14/49) represent the amount units that are occupied or reserved out of the total amount of units


You can set mandatory charges for the unit type that will be automatically added to all move-in orders. These can be single or recurring charges. Click here for more information about configuring unit type charges.


You can override the default system rent and deposit accounting codes/charges in the Accounting codes section.

By clicking the pencil icon, you can set custom accounting codes for rent and deposit for the unit type.


The history log will record the date and time of all system actions related to the unit type as well as the associated operator or API bot that performed the action.

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