Brand settings

Update & edit the colour scheme, logo and branding that customers will see in the Customer Portal.



In the Brand settings you can customise the way your Customer Portal will appear and how system-generated emails will be branded.

Editing your branding info

In the Main settings, click on the Brand tab and select the area you want to edit.


What will appear as the name of the Customer Portal (e.g. in the browser window when a user is visiting your Customer Portal page)

The background colour of the navigation bar and email buttons. 

Note: All colours should be entered in Hex colour formats (e.g. #7E45A4 or #FFFFFF)

Colour of the text in the navigation bar of the old Customer Portals. This is not used in the new Customer Portal.

Brand colour

The colour used throughout the Customer Portal for text highlights, buttons, map points and the colour highlight at the top of the navigation bar. This is also used as the colour of links in emails.

Note: The colour cannot be set to white (#FFFFFF) otherwise important text and links will not appear in emails or the Customer Portal.

Will be shown on the top left of the navigation bar in the Customer Portal. The image should be in PNG format on transparent background and should measure 50 pixels high.


The icon image that appears in the browser tab for the Customer Portal (aka the favicon). The image should be in PNG format and should measure 196 x 196 pixels.

How it will look

Customer Portal


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