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Management portal

Getting started

Everything you need to get started with Storeganise

16 articles

Onboarding set up

Set up your account

6 articles

Invoicing & payments

Manage invoicing and payments within Storeganise

24 articles

Site & unit set up

Configure and launch your storage sites and units

28 articles

Move ins/Move outs

Processes and best practices for customer move-ins and move-outs

7 articles

Reporting & analytics

Understand how to generate and interpret reports

3 articles


Customise and optimise settings for your business

10 articles

Emails & notifications

Email setup and notification customisation options

7 articles

Importing/Exporting data

Managing data through import and export processes

7 articles

Customer portal

Getting started

Navigating the customer portal

11 articles

Website builder

Using the Website Builder to design and launch your site

8 articles

Valet storage


Understand our Valet Storage service

13 articles


Manage your Valet Storage invoicing

2 articles

Valet orders & items

Manage valet storage orders and inventory items

23 articles


Customise valet storage order settings

7 articles



Developer-focused settings and configurations

10 articles


Configuring and personalise general settings

2 articles

Addons & integrations

Access control

Integrate and configure access control systems

7 articles


Seamless payment integration options and setup procedures

6 articles