Units settings

Set the list of available features for your self storage units and set the default move-in agreement template.



The Units settings allows you to create a list of the features along with respective titles & icons that can then be applied to unit types and units. You can also edit the default agreement template for self-storage unit move-ins.

Unit features

Simply click on the + icon to create a unit feature. In the modal, enter the title and choose an icon you want associated with the unit feature then click Create.

To edit a unit feature, click on the feature then make the necessary updates in the modal.

Applying unit features

Unit features can be assigned to Unit types or to Units themselves by clicking on the pencil icon in the respective page.

Self-storage agreement template

The unit move-in agreement is the default agreement template to be used for unit rentals. This default agreement template will be used for all sites unless the template is overridden separately for a specific site.

Editing the agreement template

If you want to edit the default template, you can do this using Markdown for formatting. If you want to learn more about using Markdown, check out this Markdown cheatsheet or this Markdown editor.

Insert placeholder

When drafting the template, you can insert placeholders for data relevant to the customer, order, unit, invoice, etc by clicking on the Insert placeholder and selecting one of the options from the dropdown.

Reset content

If you've made changes but you'd like to revert to the system default template for that specific email, click on the Reset content button.

Toggling between languages

If your instance is setup with multiple languages, you can switch between the languages using the tabs above the text box. When changes have been made, the respective template with changes will be highlighted with an asterisk *.


Click on the Preview button to open up a separate window where you can preview what the agreement template will look like.

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