User details

The main details page of a User's profile contains the high-level information for that specific user.

Where you see a pencil icon, you can click on that to edit the respective information.

Note: The user's profile image is the Gravatar that is assigned to their email address. This is not added through or by Storeganise, nor is it editable in Storeganise. This is managed directly by the owner of the email address themselves through Gravatar.


You can apply labels to users by clicking on the label icon on the top right. Select one or multiple labels to add to the valet order then click elsewhere on the page to save them.

You can set up & update labels in the Label settings.


You can use the Notes section for user-specific notes that will always show at the top of the user profile. These are useful for important info like unique operations or payment methods.

For less important notes or follow-up logs, add comments to the History section.

Click on the pencil icon to start editing.

The notes section supports Markdown which enables you to add simple formatting to the text. If you want to learn more about using Markdown, check out this Markdown cheat sheet or this Markdown editor.

Once saved, you'll see the notes using the applied Markdown formatting.


To update personal information, click the pencil icon. Changing the email may trigger an error. Navigate to the user page and search using the new email. The language setting reflects the user's signup language, influencing system-generated emails in dual-language setups.

For metadata & roles, the user ID is automatically set by the system. The joined date signifies when the user's account was created. Information about roles can be found here.

Contact info

The address information auto-fills when a user creates a new order but can be customized. Valet storage users can select an area from a preset list of Areas. Phone numbers are entered in a free format, and users can input their company name if applicable.

Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to create custom data points and types of data that you want to track for your users. The list of custom fields will vary by instance based on what you have set up in the Custom fields settings.

You can have different custom fields. For file uploads, use the File type. You can have multiple custom fields for each file category.

Note: Uploaded files must be under 5MB per file. If you upload multiple files for multiple custom fields simultaneously, the combined file size must be under 5MB. Therefore, if you need to upload multiple large files, you must do so as separate updates.


Read more on the Billing section on the user profile article to understand more about the billing section on a user profile.

User history

Each user has a detailed history section showing the full audit history of their account. You can manually add comments and images. The history section displays the latest 50 activities, with the most recent at the top.

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