Adding and managing team members



This section of the settings panel allows you to invite your team members to Storeganise, assign them a specific role and limit what part of management portal they can access.

Adding a new team member

In the Team tab of your Settings click on the + button. A new window will appear where you can enter the team member's details and assign a role to them.

You can choose to send them an email with login instructions.

Click Create user when you are done and the team member will be added to your team.

Team roles

In Storeganise you can setup users to have different levels of access to the Management Portal. These are referred to as Admin roles.

There are 4 roles with these access rights:

  • Driver
  • Operations
  • Admin
  • Manager

Types of admin roles

Driver (specific to valet storage users)

  • Tabs: Valet orders
  • Can have orders assigned to him / her
  • Can process valet orders

Operations (specific to valet storage users)

  • Tabs: Valet orders & Items
  • Can process valet orders & update item details


  • Full access except for settings and the ability to add Admin roles to other users
  • Receives all email notifications from the system


  • Tabs: All
  • Full system access including settings
  • Can assign Admin roles to other users
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