Sites: Advanced Settings

Edit site settings (site code, security system, e-sign, agreement templates).



In the advanced settings section you can edit your site identifier code, hide the site from the customer portal, edit the levels of automation, update invoice IDs, set parameters for booking availability, and integrate an access control system.


Update site details by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner.

  • Site code: The identifier used to reference the site through Storeganise and the API. Changing this can impact the connection between APIs and websites.
  • Hide in Customer Portal?: Choose to show or hide the site in the Customer Portal.
  • Measurement: The unit of measurement used for reporting and analytics.
  • Gross area: Gross area of the site used for reporting and analytics.
  • Net area: Net area of the site used for reporting and analytics.


Enable or disable various levels of automation for customer orders.

  • Auto confirm order: When enabled new orders will be automatically confirmed and invoices will be created.
  • Auto charge invoice: When enabled the customer's invoice will be automatically charged upon entering payment information.
  • Auto complete order: When enabled the order will be completed and closed.

Sequential invoice IDs

By default invoice IDs use randomly generated alphanumeric IDs. If sequential invoice IDs are enabled, invoice IDs will instead be sequential numerical IDs with a unique prefix per site.

  • Prefix: The prefix for the ID number
  • No. of invoice digits: Length of the invoice ID (not including prefix)
  • Next invoice number: Choose the number of the next generated invoice. Only to be used in special circumstances.
  • Preview: A preview of what your next invoice ID will be.

Booking restrictions

Set parameters to limit customer bookings.

  • Same day booking cut-off time: The cut-off time for a customer to book on the same day.
  • Max days ahead for online booking: How far ahead a customer can book a unit
  • Excluded booking dates: Remove dates from the booking calendar in the Customer Portal

Late fees

Set the late fee amount for overdue invoices.

  • Late fee amount: Total amount to be added for late payments.
  • Late fee description: This will appear on the line item in the invoice.
  • Late fee accounting code: The corresponding accounting code for late

Note: Late fees are done as separate invoices because companies generally don’t want invoices updated after they are sent to customers.

E-sign agreements

Customize your site's rental agreement.

Note: Enabling an e-sign agreement here will overwrite the universal agreement in the main settings.

Security system

We integrate a 2-way synchronisation with a range of access control security systems either with webhooks or with a simplified setup here in site advanced settings

1. Set the site security system fields

  • Plugin: The security system provider.
  • Events can vary depending on the provider, but typically include:
    • Unit move-ins
    • Unit move-outs
    • Unit transfers
    • Unit rental manual updates (access codes and lockout status saved as custom fields)
    • Overdue events trigger automatically a lockout on the unit
  • Provider-specific site custom fields

2. Set units remote IDs

You need to enable the sync at the unit level by setting their "remote ID" unit custom field named either Bearbox ID, Entryfy ID, Noke unit ID, OpenTech unit ID, or Salto ID, depending on the integration.

You can do this by going to the unit details and updating this unit custom field, or you can use the unit list export. Click the button, select "Export", and select the fields: id, name and the unit custom field you created. With the downloaded the file,  use a spreadsheet editor to update the unit custom field and save it as .csv. Then import this file with the "Update units" item to apply the changes.

You'll see the shield icon next to the name of units with security system sync enabled.

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