Late fees

Creating a late fee

Late fee settings are managed within the Site Advanced Settings. Click on the + icon to add a new late fee.

Late fee features

We support range of features that define how late fees are handled:

  1. Multiple late fees per invoice: You can assign multiple late fees to a single invoice, enhancing flexibility.
  2. Configurable number of days: Late fees are triggered based on a customizable number of days from the invoice date.
  3. Selective applicability: Late fees exclusively apply to invoices in a "Sent" or "Failed" state, streamlining their relevance.
  4. Exclusions: Enhanced accuracy as late fees are automatically bypassed for invoices with negative totals (credit notes) and late fee invoices themselves, late fee also do not trigger invoice reminders.
  5. Flexible fee amount: You can adjust late fee amounts. Choose between absolute figures or amounts proportional to the invoice total.
  6. Settings access: Access late fee settings conveniently through the advanced site settings, just as before.


  • When your account is updated, we will automatically set a new late fee for each site.
  • We will use the "Invoice overdue age" to set the number of days after the invoice date (aka due date) that this new auto-created late fee will be triggered.
  • If you have invoices created a few days before the invoice date (see invoice creation date), the date will likely need updating to match with your requirements.
  • For example, if you have invoices generated 10 days prior to the invoice date and your invoice overdue age is set to 20 days; the new late fee will be set to send 20 days after the invoice date (aka due date). You will likely want to therefore update the new late fee setting to 10 days so that it triggers 10 days after the invoice date.
  • Late fees are only applied to invoices created after the late fee is set up.

Management of late fees

  • Late fees can be filtered in the UI by adding tags=lateFee in the search query:

  • A late fee detail looks like this:

  • You can also filter all the late fees emitted from an overdue invoice using the parentId filter:

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