Using a custom PDF storage agreement

If you already have a PDF copy of your storage agreement (lease document) you can edit this for use in Storeganise.



Storeganise allows two methods of creating and editing a self storage agreement (lease document): HTML mode and PDF mode. If you already have a PDF file of your agreement it can be convenient to upload this document. However, prior to upload there are a few steps to prepare the PDF you must take.

Selecting an agreement template

Navigate to the 'Main settings' section of your site and then choose 'Self storage.'

Here you may choose between HTML mode, which uses raw text formatted with Markdown, or PDF mode. Before uploading your PDF you first need to edit the PDF so it will be compatible.

Preparing your PDF

Before you can upload your PDF you will need to add in custom form fields to ensure compatibility with Storeganise. You may use a variety of PDF editors for this. These instructions use Sejda for editing the PDF.

Adobe Acrobat and Sejda are popular PDF editing tools. Whichever editor you choose the process of adding custom form fields is roughly the same. When using special characters, like Chinese, in PDF agreements in Storeganise, it's essential to edit the PDF to include a font that supports these characters. This ensures all text displays correctly and maintains the professionalism and clarity of your documents.

First, upload your PDF into the editing software:

You will then need to add new 'Form fields' to the PDF:

Place the form field in the area that corresponds with the data you'd like to insert. In this example, we are adding a form field for the site's address:

Once the form field is added you will need to set the title of the field to correspond with the acceptable placeholders in Storeganise. You can view those placeholders in the Storeganise UI:

Choose the appropriate placeholder and use that to title your form field:

Repeat this for all the form fields you need to add. You may then download a copy of your edited PDF.

Adding your PDF to Storeganise

Now that you have prepared your PDF you may upload it to Storeganise in the main settings. Please note that the maximum file size limit is 1MB. Once uploaded you will see a preview of the document:

Choose 'Preview' to have an example of the final document generated in order to review the fields:

If your fields are populated correctly you may proceed to save the agreement.

Please note that custom fields will often appear blank in the preview as the system can not generate a generic preview for these.

Enabling PDF agreement at the site level

It is essential to enable the PDF mode option within the site-level advanced settings. Ensure you save these changes for each of your sites to activate the PDF agreement feature.

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