Item: Details

See and update all detailed information related to the item (state, location, owner, title, image, history).



Each item has a page showing all details for the item including item type, state, location, owner and item title. 

The History section at the bottom shows the full history of any change in state, title, owner, location or image associated with a particular item. You can add comments or images to the history log from this section too.

Update an item state

Click on the current item's state and a dropdown will appear with different states that the item can be changed to. The options will vary depending on the state and type of item you are updating.

Edit an item

You can update an item's location and description by clicking on the 🖉 icon next to the item type or location sections.

Unassign a box

To unassign a item from a user, click on the icon on the top right of the page and select Unassign item

Only boxes can be unassigned. Bulky items cannot be unassigned as they cannot be in an "empty" state but rather always need to be assigned to a user in the system. Read below on how to delete a bulky item if needed.

Note: As per the warning, unassigning items removes the item's title, descriptions and images. While the item can be assigned back to a user if it was changed incorrectly, the removal of the images, title and descriptions cannot be undone.

Assign a box

To assign a box to a user, click on the icon of the icon on the top right of the page and select Assign item

In the pop-up, you can choose the user from the user search and set the state as In storage or With user. If setting to In storage, a location ID must be entered too. 

Only unassigned items will have the option to "Assign" it to a user. 

Delete a bulky item

Bulky items can be deleted in one of 2 ways:

Management Portal

Operations users can delete bulky items from an item's details page by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the page and clicking delete. The item state must be With user.

Valet Customer Portal

A user can delete bulky items from their account if they are in the With user state by clicking on the pencil icon and then then trash icon.

Item images

Click on the Add image button under the item image to add a custom image for the item. The default image assigned to the item in the main Item settings will show automatically until overridden. 

Multiple images can be added to an item. Click on the trash icon to delete an image.

Item image & title visibility

This is the logic that applies for images or titles for specific items with regard to how the data is shown across the Customer and Management Portals:

Image / title added via Customer Portal

  • If a customer adds an image / title to an item from the Valet Customer Portal, this is the image / title they will see but it will not be visible to the Management Portal users.
  • Management Portal users can still add an image / title for their own record which will be visible in the Management Portal but not the Valet Customer Portal (unless customer later deletes the image or title associated with the item, in which case the below will happen). 

Image / title added via Management Portal only

  • If a customer doesn't add an image / title but these are added to the item via the Management Portal, the chosen image / title will be visible in both the Management Portal and the Valet Customer Portal. 

Item labels

You can apply labels to items by clicking on the label icon on the top right. Select one or multiple labels to add to the item then click elsewhere on the page to save them.

You can setup & update labels in the Label settings.

Removing items from completed valet orders

In some rare situations where items are updated outside of a valet order that they are assigned to, the item can stay linked to the order even after it is completed. In this case, you can remove the item(s) from the valet orders in the item details page.

Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the page, and select Remove from valet order (see below).

Update item type

You can update an item type when it is not in storage by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right and selecting Update type then choosing the new type from the window that appears. 

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