Managing pre-defined 'Charges' settings



In the charges settings, you can setup a list of pre-defined positive or negative charges. Pre-defined charges are used to quickly add charges that businesses can apply to customer accounts or transactions based on common services or fees. These charges are established in advance and can be selected from a list in an invoice or unit rental, making it easier and faster to apply consistent fees or costs without manually inputting the same details each time.

Charges list

Here you can add a pre-determined list of charges that you'd like to make available for using in adding charges to an invoice, valet order or user's Recurring charges. These can be positive or negative amounts. Accounting codes do not apply to valet charges.

To add a charge, click on the + icon to open the modal and enter the title & amount.


The name of the recurring charge which will visible in the drop-down when adding a recurring charge under a customer's account. It will also be what it is referred to in invoices.


The numerical value for this charge. This can be either a positive or a negative amount so you could use this to create a discount too if you like.

Accounting Code

The accounting code this charge will be associated with, which is configured in the Accounting tab in Main Setting.


The code used to specify this charge in Storeganise. This is the unique code that also identifies it in our APIs, which can then be used for integrations.

Note: If you have a multi-language setup, you'll see an option to add the Title in each respective language.

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