Valet order step: Deliver to the customer

In the delivery step, click on Navigate or Directions to open Google Maps for navigation. Click on Call to directly call the customer's number.

There are 2 tabs grouping items by their current state which you can switch between to see & update the different items in each state:

  • To deliver
  • Delivered

Mark items as delivered

Scan item barcodes

The order will list the associated items to be delivered to the customer. Click on the Scan items button to open the scanner. If you are using a mobile device or tablet, you can scan the item barcode using your device's camera once you allow access.

Hover the camera over each respective barcode and the items will get added. As they get added, they'll appear in a list under the camera view.

When you are done, click on Finish and the items will be marked as delivered.

Select the items manually

Alternatively, you can select the respective items by clicking on the ▢ icon next to each item (or the ▢ icon at the top of the list to select all).

Once the respective items have been selected, click on the green Delivered button to mark the items as delivered and then you can complete the step.

Note: On Android devices, use the Google Chrome browser. On Apple devices, you must use Safari in order for the camera barcode scanner to work.

Click on the Finish delivery button to complete the step.

Adding additional items

You can add additional empty boxes to the order by scanning unassigned boxes during this step.

Adding charges

If you need to add additional one-off charges to this step of the order (e.g. parking fees, tolls, urgent delivery fees, etc), you can do so by clicking on the Add charge button. Select from pre-defined charges or add a custom charge.

Cancel delivery

If delivery was unsuccessful, click on the Cancel delivery button and enter a reason in the pop-up which will be saved in the History section of the order. The system will automatically add a failed delivery fee to the order.

You will then be prompted in the next step to update the item states and item locations for any items that had been picked.

Note: You will not be able to cancel a delivery if there are items marked as Delivered. In the case that you have accidentally marked some items as Delivered, click on the Delivered tab, select the item and click on the red Not delivered button to move it back to the To deliver tab.

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