Valet order step: Store in warehouse

ow the put away / store step of a valet order works



Once items have been collected from the customer, the last step is to put away / store the items in the warehouse.

There are 4 tabs grouping tabs grouping items by their current state which you can switch between in order to see & update the different items in each state:

  • To put away
  • Stored
  • Uncollected
  • Empty

Updating items

Hint: As with previous steps, you can use your device's camera or a separate barcode scanner to select items or you can manually select them from the item list.

Click on the Scan items button to open the scanner. Hover the camera over each respective barcode and the items will get added to the list. Click on Finish and those items will be marked as selected in the list.

Alternatively, you can select the respective items by clicking on the ▢ icon next to each item (or the ▢ icon at the top of the list to select all).

Once the respective items have been selected, click on the blue Update button and then choose from one of the options:

  • Unassign: This will mark the items as Empty (unassigned). Only boxes can be marked as unassigned. You'll be able to enter a location, but this is optional.
  • With customer: This will mark the items as Uncollected.
  • In storage: This will mark the items as Stored. You'll then be prompted to enter the location ID which can be entered manually or you could scan a location barcode to auto-fill the location ID.

Add images & descriptions to items

Click on an individual item and click on the Add image button to add photos and then you can enter item details in the Description section. 

If you are using a phone or tablet, you'll be able to use the camera to snap a pic or use one that is saved on the device.

You can set the location by entering a location ID manually or scanning a location barcode.

To understand the logic of how images are handled in the system, check out the last section of the Item: Details help doc.

Adding additional items

Adding bulky items

If you need to add bulky items to the order, click on the Add bulky item button and entering the corresponding information in the modal.

The item IDs for additional bulky items created during this step will be created as part of the item creation process and will be visible once you click on Add bulky item.

Adding boxes

You can add extra boxes to the order as long as they are either currently unassigned or with the customer that the order is for. Click on the Scan items button and you can either scan the item barcode or enter the ID manually.

Finish put away

Once all items have had their states & locations set, click on Finish put-away and the order will be marked as Complete.

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