User invoice for valet storage

Valet storage & user invoices

Valet storage invoices and other custom invoices for a specific user are generated based on the user's invoice date and can be manually created from the user's invoice page.

The tax rate for valet storage invoices is based on the subtotal of all invoice line items rather than being set on an invoice line item basis like self-storage invoices are. This can be changed in the general settings.

The Invoices tab of a user's details page shows all the invoices against that account, their amount and the respective status of each invoice. 

Click on an invoice to go directly to the page for that specific invoice.

Read more on how the Invoice date for a user's valet storage and user-level invoices is set and updated from the User Details article.

To export the invoices in the table, click on the icon on the top right of the invoices table.

Manually create an invoice

If you need to manually create an invoice, click on the + icon in the top right corner.

Set the date for the invoice and once created, the system will automatically take you to that invoice which you can manually edit, if required and then process accordingly.

Notes for valet storage & user-level invoices: 

  • If you process the collection on a valet order (this is when the system sets the invoice date for a new user) after 10 PM, you may need to manually create the first invoice for that date as it has passed the time of the system generation of the invoices for that respective date
  • If you manually create a user and manually add items to a user's account, the user's Invoice date will not be set by the system and you will need to do this manually to ensure that invoices are generated accordingly.
  • A user's invoice date is set automatically by the system on the date that a customer's first valet storage order is completed (i.e. when valet orders have been completed and items have been put into storage). This can be updated manually if needed but please note that this could impact the user's next invoice
  • *Important*: If no Invoice Date is set or the date is removed from a user's account, no valet storage or user invoices will be generated.

Read more on the User Details article to understand more about when invoices are created and how they are processed.

Bulk charge / send invoices

You can use the bulk update function to charge / send a number of invoices at the same time. To learn more about this function check out the invoices tab help doc.


How are valet storage invoices different?

Valet storage invoices are generated based on the user's invoice date and can be manually created from the user's invoice page. Tax rates for valet storage invoices are based on the subtotal of all items.

What happens if no Invoice Date is set for a user?

No valet storage or user invoices will be generated. Ensure the Invoice Date is set or maintained in the user's account.

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