Change invoice state to draft

This article outlines the restrictions of changing sent or paid invoices

There are some restrictions around permissions with the state of invoices. Once an invoice has been Sent, Paid, or has Failed, it can no longer be moved back into a Draft state, by default. This restriction applies to both admins and managers.

This is a sensitive process that will typically be done with specific intent. Therefore, while it is still possible to change invoices back to a draft state, this will be limited only to those users that are expressly given the permission to do so.

Users that are granted this permission will have that shown against the user info in the Team page.

This permission can be changed individually per user as requested by your Storeganise account owner and manager.

If you would like to have this permission turned on, please have your Storeganise account owner reach out to

Let us know the email and full name of the user(s) you would like to have this permission activated for. They must have already been added as an Admin or Manager user prior to the request being submitted.

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