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Once you have been set up with your Storeganise instance, you will receive an email with the login details to your respective Management Portal and the Units Customer Portal. The checklist below outlines some of the main points to go through as part of the initial setup for a self-storage facility. For instructions on setting up a valet 

Contact us by email ( if you need any changes or updates.

Review settings

Go through the settings panel in your instance to make sure that the settings all match up with your initial requests. You will also need to set up your accounting codes, tax rates, and any other system charges or discounts/promotions. You can update most settings directly or reach out to us if you need help with anything. 

The Settings help docs explain how everything works.

Add your site, unit types, and units

With your settings in place, you are now ready to start adding your facility information, such as the site, unit types, units, and more.

The first step is to create your site. Learn how to create site in our help article: Creating a site.

After creating your first site you will be prompted to set up your unit types and units.

Find further information on adding unit types here: Creating unit types

Importing data

If you have existing site and customer data we provide a convenient import template. Read our Importing Data document for more information.

Integrate Storeganise with your website

Read our help doc on Integrating Storeganise with your website for more information.

If you intend on using a customer domain name for your Storeganise customer portal read our document on Using a custom domain.


If you are using a supported payment gateway, you'll receive more info from us on how to get this setup & integrated. If you haven't, reach out to us.

Testing your payment gateway

Once you have connected your payment gateway, you should do a test rental to ensure everything is set correctly.

You can move yourself into a unit from the customer portal or the management portal. For information on how to do this please see our help documents:

The payments made can be checked in the corresponding payment gateway dashboard against the invoices in Storeganise. It's advised to reduce the rental price and deposit of the unit before moving yourself in to minimize charges. Any refund will need to be processed through the payment gateway, not Storeganise.

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