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How credit on a user's account works.



Credit on an account is an amount of money that will be used to pay off invoices, either partially or entirely, depending on the credit amount available and the invoice amount.

You can see the credit available on an account under a user's account page under the Credit tab.

How credit is added to an account


Credit can be added automatically to an account as a result of a promo code or a referral code being used as part of an order.


You can also add credit to an account manually by clicking on the + icon. The amount can be either positive (e.g. a pre-payment of a few months of storage fees) or negative in the case that you want to make an adjustment to the credit amount. 

Delete a credit entry

So long as the credit hasn't been used, it can be deleted by clicking on the line item and selecting Delete.

How credit is applied to an invoice

Each invoice has a Payments section under the main charge items. The system will automatically assign any credit that is available in a user's account as a payment against the invoice in question (applicable to valet storage & user-level invoices only).

The Balance remaining will reflect the amount that needs to be paid by the customer after credit has been applied. 

In the case that the credit covers the whole invoice the Balance remaining will be 0 and the invoice can be marked as Paid. The system will reflect the remaining credit amount on the user details page.

Note: Credit currently only gets applied to valet storage and user-level invoices. If you want to assign a user's credit to a self-storage invoice, this must be done manually (manually add the credit line to the invoice and then manually add a negative credit entry, or vice-versa).

Credit adjustments & refunds

As mentioned above, credit entries can be manually adjusted. In the case that you are processing a refund, for example, you could enter that as an entry in the Credit section. This would make the refund a credit that would then be applied automatically as a payment against any future invoice(s).

Note: If you wish to process a direct refund to a customer rather than providing a credit, this should be done directly via the payment gateway as processing refund transactions are not currently supported directly within Storeganise.

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