Nokē access control integration

Site configuration

Your Nokē contact should send you the following data:

-    Nokē site ID

Units configuration

Nokē unit ID

This must be set for every unit you want to synchronise with Nokē, the value can be the same as the unit name

Nokē 24 hour access (checkbox)

This optional unit setting allows you to allows you to override the default time schedule (set up in with a full 24/7 access


Rental fields

After a move-in is successfully processed, the unit rental will have 2 custom fields:

Nokē gate access code (e.g. 123456)

Nokē overlocked (false by default)

Both can be manually edited and synchronized in Nokē. 

Nokē overlocked is automatically set true when a unit rental becomes overdue in payments, and false immediately after a payment unsets its overdue status

How it works with users

The users will need the Noke app to manage their access to their units. They would need to set up an account on the Noke app with an invitation they would receive once they have been moved into a unit. In the case of existing customers, this should happen when you trigger the sync between Storeganise and Noke. This notification is usually sent by way of a text message from Noke to the customer using their registered phone number.

You will likely want to update the Unit occupied email notification to mention to the customer that they will receive a text from Noke. In the case that they don't get that text message, they can download the Noke app from the iPhone or Google app stores and from there setup a password using their email address.

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