Valet storage: Plans settings

Add and edit plans in the settings panel if you plan to charge customers by volume of storage used.

*Specific to valet storage setups



If you want to charge customers for the volume of space that they use, you will need to setup plans. When a customer creates an order with a market that includes plans, the customer will be presented with a page to choose their plan first and then the items they want to store within that plan.

Once a plan has been assigned to a customer, this will appear in the User's page as a Recurring charge to be billed each month.

Adding & editing plans

In the Main settings, click on the Plans tab. Click on the + icon to create a new plan. Or click on an existing one to edit it.


The name used in specific Valet Customer Portal URLs such that if a customer clicks on a plan from your front-end website, you can direct them immediately to the ordering process with that plan already selected (more on this below). 

Important: Make sure that each Name assigned to a plan is unique and that the same Name isn't used for multiple plans. This must be all in small caps.


What users will see in the Valet Customer Portal when creating an order. These need to be sized 600w x 400h (pixels) and for best results, the image should be centered, with a margin of 50 pixels top and bottom, and 100 pixels left and right. Images must be on white background (not transparent).

Hint: To ensure the sizing is correct, you can use this image template as your canvas to copy the plan images into. Refer to this second image template to see the boundaries within which the images must be placed within the canvas to ensure nothing is cut off.

Free illustrations: Storeganise provides free illustrations that you are free to use. You can view and download them here.


The name that will show in the Valet Customer Portal and Operations Portal as well as in invoices. 


Will show to the user when they are selecting a plan as part of an order via the Valet Customer Portal.

System price

The system price which will be used to set a Recurring charge on a user's account and which will appear in the invoices.

Display price

What your customers will see when creating an order in the Valet Customer Portal. It can differ from the Price if you want to have something different shown to the customer vs what is set to invoice (e.g. in some cases where tax rules are somewhat complicated).

Note: If you have a dual-language setup, the Name, Extra information and Display price will have 2 entries so you can enter the terms in both languages respectively.

Adding a Plan to a market

Plans don't automatically appear in the Valet Customer Portal for ordering. These first need to be selected as options in a specific Market's settings panel. See more on that in the Plans & products market-specific settings article.

How it will look in the Customer Portal

Once added to a market, this is an example of what a customer will see when creating an order where plans are applicable. 

Custom URLs

Using a custom URL to pre-select plans & items

If you want to have customers select a plan and some items from your front-end website and then go through the rest of the order process directly, you can customise the URL

Pre-selecting a Plan

To pre-select a plan use the following format by adding in the plan name into the URL. Make sure that each plan name is unique and not shared with another plan:

Pre-selecting Items

To pre-select items in an order, add the item names and respective quantities into the URL, using the following format:

Pre-selecting both the Plan and the Items

If you want to pre-select a plan and some items, add the item names and respective quantities into the URL after the plan, using the following format:

Hint: You can add in as many items into the URL as you need, but they must be setup in your instance and the respective market.

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