Valet orders related emails

Order Confirmation, Visit reminder, Items collected, Items delivered and Visit failed emails.

*Specific to valet storage setups



These are just sample emails. As every email can be customized for every Storeganise instance (including wording and branding), these may look different from what you have set up for your instance. The content will also vary depending on the specific details of the respective orders.

Valet order confirmation email

Sent when a new valet order is booked. This will be sent to customers whether or not the order was created via the Valet Customer Portal or the Management Portal.

Visit reminder email

Sent to customers 48 hours ahead of their scheduled job.

Items collected email

Sent once a job is marked as Collected.

Items delivered email

Sent once a job has been marked as Delivered.

Visit failed email

Sent when a job is marked as Failed delivery or Failed collection.

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