Abandoned orders

In the Storeganise system, we use the terms "Abandoned" and "Pending" to describe the status of customer orders during the booking process.

Abandoned order

An abandoned order in Storeganise refers to an incomplete unit reservation. When a customer initiates an order but fails to complete it within one hour, the system marks the order as 'Abandoned.' This status indicates that the customer did not finish the reservation, and the unit assigned to the order becomes unassigned again. However, customer information is retained for follow-up.

An order is completed after the customer clicks the confirmation: "Submit order" in the final order step

Pending label

When a customer initiates an order in the management portal, it is labeled as 'Pending' in the jobs list. This status indicates that the booking process has started but is not yet completed. The order stays in the 'Pending' state for up to one hour. If not completed within that time, it will change to 'Abandoned.'

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