Understanding Storeganise Barcode Tools

What kind of equipment you'll need and how barcodes & IDs work in Storeganise


Barcode labels

The item IDs generated in the system can be used to print barcode labels for the boxes. Storeganise only creates the IDs but not the barcode images/label templates. This would have to be done in the barcode printing software (usually included with your barcode printer) so you can just import the item ID list into the barcode printing software to bulk print the IDs. 

Read more about the types of items in the Item types help article.

Barcode printers

When looking to purchase a barcode printer, the following brands should work fine (e.g. Zebra, Epson, Datamax, GoDEX, etc).  If you buy a thermal transfer printer, remember also to get labels & ribbons for the printer. Please also remember to check what OS the barcode printing software runs on (most are Windows only). 

If you’d like to learn more about printers and understand the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal printers, please check this link.


While you should have a barcode printer ready particularly for printing bulky item barcode labels, you can also order printed labels in bulk online (potentially saving you time for printing large batches of box IDs). 2D barcodes (e.g. QR codes) can provide better readability over time. You can also customize the layout of the label - most companies will include the barcode, the written item ID, and your company logo.

Barcode scanners

You don’t specifically need a barcode scanner as you can use the camera on your phone or tablet as a barcode scanner when processing valet orders (or enter the IDs manually).

See our help doc on processing valet storage orders to see how to use your camera to scan item IDs.

You can also opt to have a separate barcode scanner which in some cases can help speed up operations. 

Any barcode scanner should work as long as it works with the device Storeganise is being used on (e.g. phone/tablet / computer) but getting a wireless one or a Bluetooth one to connect to any Bluetooth device would help give the ability to run operations on the move. If you plan to use QR (2D) barcodes for your operations, make sure to buy a scanner capable of reading 2D barcodes. 

Examples include General Scan GS-M300BT; Motorola CS4070-SR; or Unitech MS920.

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