Integrate with Sensorberg using webhooks

  1. Sensorberg setup

In Sensorberg dashboard, you'll need to set up units hierarchy

and access groups. (Group memberships are intially empty, they are created when a customer rents a unit)

  1. Storeganise custom fields setup

User custom fields:

  • Sensorberg PIN sensorberg_pin (Text)

Unit custom fields:

  • Sensorberg ID sensorberg_id (Text)

Unit rental custom fields:

  • Sensorberg lockout sensorberg_overlocked (Boolean)
  • Sensorberg PIN sensorberg_pin (Text)

  1. Storeganise units & site setup

Units need to be set up with Sensorberg ID unit custom field matching with Sensorberg access group External Identifier, here it's s-test-102. Feel free to use the CSV update (3-dots menu in the units list)

  1. Storeganise API key & webhook setup

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