Navigating the Valet Customer Portal: A Comprehensive Overview

A quick guide to and overview of the main sections and functions of the Valet Customer Portal.



The Valet Customer Portal is where valet storage users can create orders, manage their stuff in storage and create a visual inventory of all their items.

The wording throughout the app (including the menu bar), branding, colour scheme, storage options, pricing, images are all customisable. 

This is a mobile-responsive web-app which will adapt accordingly to different screen sizes & devices. It is browser-based and not a stand-alone iOS or Android application.

The web-app is available in multiple languages and any one instance can have up to 2 languages enabled.

Note: Because of the possible customisations, how things look and the wording will vary for each operator's instance.

Creating a valet order

Customers can create new orders either by following the "get started" flow or by clicking on the order button when logged in to their account.

An order comprises of the following steps:

  • Plan selection (if charging customers by volume-based plans)
  • Item selection
  • Store products selection (if you have enabled any store products)
  • Contact information
  • Delivery / collection date & time selection
  • Inputting of payment details (if none are already saved against the user's account)
  • Order summary page & submission of order, after which an order confirmation email is also sent to both the customer & operator

Note: If (i) you have no payment gateway setup, or; (ii) have set the user's account to be manually invoiced rather than using the payment gateway, then the last step to input payment details will not apply.

The get started flow

This incorporates the order process as outlined above, along with account creation all in one go. This is designed to be an ideal way to get new customers to quickly create an order and an account in one go. We would recommend directing new customers directly to the get-started flow from your website.

Items in storage & with customer

Customers can view their items in storage and any items that they have in their possession that have been logged against their account by clicking on the respective link in the menu bar. 

If they want to have items returned to them from storage or add new items to storage, they can just select the respective item(s) and click on the "Schedule" button that appears on the top bar.

Easily switch to the list view for a more compact and organized display of your items.

Customers can also search for items using the title and description. 


Customers will be able to view all of their current and past invoices by clicking on the Invoices tab. This list will include any invoices that are not in Draft state in the system. 


Where instances have a payment gateway setup and the user's account is set to be billed using the payment gateway, customers will be required to have payment details saved in order to submit orders. If they need to add a payment method or update one, they can click on Billing from the dropdown on their user info from the menu bar.


Users can click on the Profile link to update their contact information.

Customising the Valet Customer Portal

If you want to update branding, links or any or any of the storage options, pricing, delivery capacities, etc available to customers, this can be done via the Settings Panel in the Management Portal.

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