The Users tab is where you can access the data on every one of the user accounts registered against your Storeganise instance.

As with the other tabs, you can filter the data based on different criteria and export the filtered data in a comma separated value (csv) file format.


Data can be filtered according to these filters:


  • Active: Customers that are actively renting a storage unit or storing items with you or have recurring charges on their account.

  • Inactive: Enabled accounts that are not currently tenants, do not have items in storage or don't have any active recurring charges setup.

  • Disabled: Accounts that have been manually disabled by a Management Portal user for whatever reason. Disabled users will be unable to login to their account in the Customer Portal or Management Portal (if they had been given Admin rights).

  • Enabled: Accounts that haven't been disabled via the Management Portal. Can be Active or Inactive.

  • Staff: Users that have one or more admin roles enabled.

Market (specific to valet storage users)

In the case that you have multiple Markets setup, you can sort by the respective market the users are assigned to.

Plan (specific to valet storage users)

If you charge customers by Volume plans, you can sort by the corresponding plans you have setup.


If you have custom made labels, filter your users by the corresponding labels you have created.

filter users based on state, market, plan and custom made labels

The text box bar at the top of the Users tab allows you to search for a specific user based on their name or email address.

search bar for searching for specific users

Add user

If you want to create a user account from the Management Portal, click on + and follow the steps. First name, last name and email address are required.

Enter other data if needed from the add user window by expanding the different sections or add / edit this information later from the User's page.

adding a user to your self-storage or valet-storage management software

When a user that has been created from the Management Portal first signs in to either the Operations or Customer Portal, the user will have to click on the "Forgot password" link in order to set a password for their account.

Import users

If you'd like to import users in bulk, first complete the user import template and then send the data to us to get it imported. Read the user import help doc to learn more about how to prepare the import document.


Click on the icon and then Export users to generate a csv file export of the data returned based on the settings you have applied. Once the file is generated, you can Click to download the file.

button to export users and generate csv file

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