Recurring charges can be used to enter a positive or negative charge on a User's account. These can be custom charges or you can select a pre-determined charge from a drop down of charges you have already setup in the Charges settings.

Recurring charges will appear on each month's invoice, as long as that charge has not yet expired.

add recurring charges to a user's account

Add a recurring charge

  • Go to the Charges tab of a user's page

  • Click on the + icon and select either a pre-set charge or a custom charge

  • Title is the name of the charge and what will show in the invoice. If you have a dual-language setup, the title will have 2 entries so you can enter the terms in both languages respectively

  • Amount must be an integer with up to 2 decimals. Amount can be a positive or negative amount (in case you want a discount, for example)

  • Start date is when the charge will be live from  

  • End date can be left blank if you want the charge to continue indefinitely

Hint: To create one-off charges, use the end date to set the window during which the charge will appear on the user's invoice.

Delete / update a charge

Click on an existing charge to make changes or delete the charge.

add a recurring charge


*Specific to valet storage setups

If you are charging customers based on plans, then the plan that is assigned to the user will appear in the recurring charges section. You can change their plan by clicking on the line item and choosing another plan from the drop-down.

Important: A user will continue to be on a plan (and invoiced for it accordingly) unless the plan is removed (i.e. set to None).

charge a customer based on plans

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