In the charges settings, you can manage the system charges for self storage invoices and setup a list of pre-determined positive or negative charges.

Charges settings

System charges

*Specific to self storage setups

The system charges table is where you will set the Accounting codes to be applied to unit deposit; unit rent; and unit prepayment charges in the system. You will first need to have the accounting codes setup and then you can choose from that list of accounting codes for each charge type.

Click on a charge type and in the modal select the accounting code (and consequently the corresponding tax type and tax rate) to be applied to that respective charge type.

System charges

Unit prepayment charges

Important: Prepayment charge types will not have a tax type or tax rate shown. Prepayment charges will always take the tax type and tax rate (%) from the underlying type of charge that is added in an invoice.

For example, in the case that a prepayment is for rent, it will take the rent tax type and tax rate in order to ensure that the correct prepayment is charged and applied in future invoices when that revenue is realised.

Unit prepayment charges

Charges list

Here you can add a pre-determined list of charges that you'd like to make available for using in adding charges to an invoice, valet order or user's Recurring charges. These can be positive or negative amounts.

To add a charge, click on the + icon to open the modal and enter the title & amount.


The name of the recurring charge which will visible in the drop-down when adding a recurring charge under a customer's account. It will also be what it is referred to in invoices.


The numerical value for this charge. This can be either a positive or a negative amount so you could use this to create a discount too if you like.

Adding a charge

Note: If you have a multi-language setup, you'll see an option to add the Title in each respective language.

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