overview of products

In the Products tab, you can view the products that you sell to your customers (e.g. packing materials; additional insurance; packing services; etc).

Add a product

To add a product, click on the + sign.

Fill in the details to add a product:

  • Product name: The title of the item that will show in the Customer Portal and Management Portal as well as in invoices.

  • Extra information: Will show to the user when they are selecting an item as part of an order.

  • System price: The system price for the item which will be used in invoicing.

  • Display price: What your customers will see when creating an order in the Valet Customer Portal. It can differ from the Price if you want to have something different shown to the customer vs what is set to invoice.

  • Image: What users will see in the Customer Portal when creating an order. These need to be sized 600w x 400h (pixels) and for best results, the image should be centered, with a margin of 50 pixels top and bottom, and 100 pixels left and right. Images must be on white background (not transparent).

  • Charge type: Single or Recurring Charge.

  • Show in customer portal?: Choose to enable or disable display in customer portal.

  • Track inventory?: Choose to enable inventory tracking on the product.

  • Inventory:

  • Maximum quantity: Can be used to limit the number of items that a customer can add to one order.

  • Accounting code

To Update a Product, click on the product and update the respective details.

fill in details to add a product

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