Each unit has its own page to outline occupancy info, site details, jobs, units, invoices, history etc.

site overview; view occupancy and history

The different unit states

In the 'Overview' tab, you can view the occupancy levels of the units in your site.

  • Available: The percentage of units that are vacant and available for a new user to reserve or move-in.

  • Blocked: The percentage of units that are blocked from being occupied or reserved (e.g. in the case a unit is closed for cleaning or maintenance).

  • Occupied: The percentage of units occupied & being rented by a customer.

  • Reserved: The percentage of units reserved by a customer, pending move-in (at which point it will become Occupied).

occupancy levels of the site


As with every part of the system, each site has a detailed history section where you can see the full audit history of anything that has happened on the site.

action history of the site

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