*Specific to self storage setups



The Units tab of a user's details page shows every self storage unit that is currently occupied or reserved by a user along with their past unit rentals.

The number next to the "Units" section of the tab is the number of items currently reserved or occupied by the user.

Click on a unit to go directly to the details page for that unit where further info will be shown and changes can be made. New move ins for a customer should be initiated from a unit page or the site map.

details of unit occupied by user

Rental history

All current and past unit rental details will be included in the Rental history section of the units tab. Click on date to open the move-in job for that unit rental or on the unit number to open the unit page itself.

Note: In the case that historical unit rental data has been imported into Storeganise, there won't be a move-in job to link to but the high-level rental history information will still be visible here.

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