The Charges tab tracks all charges associated with a valet order which will later be added to the respective user's invoice. 

Valet order charges

System generated charges

Charges will be added automatically by the system in the case of surcharges, delivery fees or store products when they are added to the order during the picking phase. 

Manually adding charges

Charges can be added manually by clicking on the + icon. You can choose to add an existing pre-defined charge or a custom charge.

Note: Only positive charges can be added to an order. Negative charges should be added to an invoice or as a user charge.

Add a charge to a valet order

In the next prompt, enter / update the item description, price and quantity.

Add a charge to a valet order

Deleting a charge

If you'd like to delete a charge, click on the charge line and click OK when the prompt comes up.

Delete a valet order charge

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