This is a list of the emails sent to Management Portal users. Depending on the user's Admin role, an operations user will receive a number of different emails based on actions taken by customers via the Customer Portal or by operators via the Management Portal. 

Links are included in emails to take you directly to the respective order, unit, user, item or invoice mentioned in the email.

Enable / disable email notifications

You can enable / disable email notifications that each admin user receives. Learn more in the Admin roles help doc.

Email notifications

Below is a list of the email notifications sent to operations users:


  • New user signup: Name and email address of a new customer sign up. 

  • Invoice charge failed: If payment on an invoice failed.

Valet storage

  • Order created: Outlines the details of a new valet order that has been booked.

  • Order updated: Outlines the updates made to a valet order. 

  • Order cancelled: If a valet order has been cancelled.

  • Failed delivery: If a valet order has a step marked as failed delivery.

  • Failed collection: If a valet order has a step marked as failed collection.

  • Order assigned to driver: Sent to drivers that have had valet orders assigned to them.

Self storage

  • Unit reserved: When a unit has been marked as reserved by a user.

  • Unit occupied: When a unit has been marked as occupied by a user.

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