There are 2 main high-level categories of items in the Storeganise system which are treated slightly differently - boxes and bulky items. Within each category, you can have as many types of boxes or bulky items as you want and this will vary for each Storeganise instance based on your needs. Setting up and customising the item types is done from the Items settings.

You'll see a full list of all items in the Items tab.


Boxes are tracked inventory items that can be assigned to different customers at different times. When a customer orders boxes, these first need to be delivered to the customer so that they can start packing and then must be collected to go into storage. 

They can later be returned to a customer and if returned back empty can be marked as Empty / Unassigned which makes them available to be sent out to new customers on new valet orders. The History section of each item will track each and every change (including each user or valet order the item has been assigned to).

Boxes cannot be deleted from the system.

Box IDs & barcodes

IDs for items classed as boxes are added in bulk into the system. For example, if you have 500 plastic containers available to send to customers, 500 IDs are created in one go. This way, you can print barcode labels and attach them to all the boxes so they are ready to be sent out to new customer orders whenever they come in.

Contact us to get IDs generated - just let us know how many and of which type you need.

Check out the help article on Barcodes to learn more about printing labels, scanning, etc.

Bulky items

Bulky items on the other hand are only ever assigned to one user as these are items that are in their possession and not packed within one of your tracked boxes. In the case of a new order from a customer, bulky items are only required to be collected from the user to go into storage. 

Bulky items can be deleted if they are in the With user state from either the Valet Customer Portal or the Management Portal. Read more in the Item details doc.

Bulky item IDs & barcodes

The ID for a bulky item is created at the time that the item is created in the system. This can happen one of 3 ways:

  1. When an order is created from the Valet Customer Portal to store x bulky items. 

  2. When an item is created manually from the Valet Customer Portal (under the Items with user / Items with you section).

  3. When an item is created manually from the Management Portal from the items tab of a user's details page.

See more in the Valet Customer Portal Overview and the Item details help docs.

Barcode labels for bulky items can therefore only be printed once the item is created and usually this will be done as part of the valet order processing.

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