In Storeganise you can setup users to have different levels of access to the Management Portal. These are referred to as Admin roles.

There are 4 roles with these access rights:

  • Driver

  • Operations

  • Admin

  • Manager

Types of admin roles

Driver (specific to valet storage users)

  • Tabs: Valet orders

  • Can have orders assigned to him / her

  • Can process valet orders

Operations (specific to valet storage users)

  • Tabs: Valet orders & Items

  • Can process valet orders & update item details


  • Full access except for settings and the ability to add Admin roles to other users

  • Receives all email notifications from the system


  • Tabs: All

  • Full system access including settings

  • Can assign Admin roles to other users

admin roles: driver, operations, admin, manager

Setting admin roles

  • Once the user's account has been created either via the Management Portal or Customer Portal (learn more here), go to the User's Details page.

  • Click on the pencil icon next to the Admin role section.

  • In the pop up window, select the roles you want to add and click Update user.

  • You can assign multiple roles to an account by using the shift or apple or control key (depending on your computer operating system).

Removing admin roles

To remove a user's Admin role(s), you can deselect the roles by holding down either the shift or apple or control key (depending on your computer operating system) and clicking on the roles that they currently have assigned. 

Admin emails

When a user has an admin role enabled, an additional section will appear at the bottom of the user details page, allowing you to enable or disable which system email the user will receive.

By default all the email notifications will be disabled. Simply click on the check box ☑︎ next to each email notification to enable it.

You can view a list of the email notifications available and when they are triggered by the system in the Management Portal email notifications help doc.

Admin email notifications

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