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Storeganise gives you the ability to customise product offerings, pricing, delivery capacities and delivery charges by using a feature called Markets

Each instance of Storeganise has, by default, 1 market but can be setup to have a number markets based on business requirements. 


A good example of how this could be used was if you wanted to offer both volume-based plan pricing and item-based pricing. Alternatively, you may have different pricing & delivery capacities for different customer types (e.g. residential vs business vs student users).

Note: A user can only be assigned to a single market. In this case, even if they go to a URL for a second market, they will see the pricing and info for the market they are assigned to. 

If you are testing market pricing in the Customer Portal, make sure you are logged out of your account to ensure the data shown is reflective of each market you have setup.

If you'd like to update the market setting for a user, you can do that from the User Details page.

Default market

In the case that you have multiple markets setup, the default market will be highlighted in black (in the case below, Plans is the default market).

Market settings

Custom URLs

When using multiple markets, you can use changes in the URL to distinguish which market settings will be applicable to their orders via the Valet Customer Portal, as per the example below:

{CustomerAppURL}/{MarketName}/#/get-started (e.g. my.spaceup.me/plans/#/get-started or my.spaceup.me/items/#/get-started)

Adding new markets

Please contact us if you need additional markets setup.

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