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For each market, you can use the deliveries & collections settings to customise the delivery capacities applicable to that specific market. 

Blocked dates and restrictions in terms of Booking cutoff time or Maximum jobs per timeslot are only applicable to orders placed by users via the Valet Customer Portal. These restrictions are not applicable to jobs created or updated from within the Management Portal.

Blocked dates

Use the calendar to select dates that you do not want to be visible to customers when they are creating orders (e.g. holidays).

Blocked dates


These are the delivery/collection windows that your customers will be able to book when placing an order. 

In the case that no timeslots are entered in for a specific day, that will automatically remove that date from being an option. For example, you don't need to manually block every Sunday in the Blocked dates calendar if you don't have any timeslot options on Sundays.

Times need to be inputted in military format as shown below.



Collection wait time

If you want to provide immediate collections as an option, select the amount of time you are willing to wait for customers to pack their boxes. In the case that you do not want immediate collections to be available, select "Do not provide the option for immediate collections" from the dropdown.

Maximum jobs per timeslot

The max number of jobs that can be booked by customers for any one timeslot. 

Booking cutoff time

The latest time a customer can book a job for the next day. 

Booking in advance

How far in advance are customers able to pre-book jobs via the Valet Customer Portal.


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