Referral codes help encourage your existing users to refer over their friends and family to use your service. You can set an amount of credit you want to reward to both the referrer and the referee.

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Referrals settings

Referral code settings

In the Main settings, click on the Referrals tab.

  • You can enter a unique amount for both referrer and referee

  • The amount will appear as a credit in each user's account upon completion of the collection job.  

How referral codes work

When a customer creates a new order, they will be presented with a section to enter either a promo code or referral code. 

If the referral code is valid, it will be added to the order.

How referral codes work

Referral code credit

The referral code credit will be added to both the referrer and the referee's account under the credit section once the collection is successfully completed on an order(i.e. the items are in storage). 

If an order is not completed and the referred user doesn't become a customer, the credit will not be applied.

Credit can be viewed in a User's details page under the Credit tab. The credit will show the details of which user was referred / who the referee was so you can easily reconcile internally. 

Referral code credit

Sharing referral codes

Each user has a unique referral code generated when an account is created (this can be viewed in the Details tab of a user's page).

As each email sent by the system to users is customisable, a footer can be added to each email to encourage users to share their unique referral code with their friends. Refer to the Emails settings help doc to learn how to update email templates.

Sharing referral codes

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