The Management Portal is where you'll manage every part of your business and operations.

Note: Certain parts of the system may not be accessible to specific users, depending on your setup (e.g. valet and / or self storage functionality) and their assigned admin role in the system.


Detailed analytics and reporting dashboard. Includes various reports and fully interactive graphs and tables. Custom dashboards and reports can also be deployed upon request.

Operations App: Analytics


*Specific to valet storage setups

Get a quick overview of your business from the Dashboard. Detailed reporting is available from each tab in the system with filter & export functionality.

Operations App: Dashboard

Valet orders

*Specific to valet storage setups

This part of the system is where you will manage the day-to-day operations of your business, including warehouse picking and storage as well as deliveries and collections to / from customers.

Operations App: Valet orders


*Specific to valet storage setups

The items tab is the inventory tracking section of the system. Filter the data you need to see or export and click into a specific item to see its details.

Operations App: Items


*Specific to self storage setups

Get a quick overview of all your sites & an occupancy snapshot for each. User labels to setup custom filters.

Operations App: Sites


Every registered user of the system, whether active paying customers, non-active users, disabled or staff will be listed here. 

Operations App: Users


Track every invoice here, charge customers and export financial data. 

Operations App: Invoices


The settings panel is accessible by clicking on your name on the top right of the application. 

In the Main settings, you can setup & edit general settings, website branding, emails, units, storage plans, items, delivery areas, promotion & referral codes and charges.

Operations App: Settings

Market settings

*Specific to valet storage setups

Market settings are specific to valet storage functionality and do not apply to self storage users. 

Market settings are listed under the Main settings in the drop-down menu. 

The names and number of markets will vary by instance. Within the market settings you can customise storage options, plans, products, pricing, delivery capacities and delivery charges applicable to that specific market. Use this to provide different options or capacities to different customer types or customers in different areas.

Operations App: Market settings

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