New users can be added from the Management Portal or from the Customer Portals.

Management Portal sign up

From the User tab of the Management Portal, click on the + button and follow the steps. First name, last name and email address are required. 

Enter other data if needed from the add user window or add / edit this information later from the User's page.

You can setup and manage your instance's Customer fields in the settings.

Operations App sign up

When a user that has been created from the Management Portal first signs in to either the Management or Customer Portals, the user will have to click on the "Forgot password" link in order to set a password for their account.

Management Portal Users

To give a user access rights to the Management Portal, you'll need to add Admin Rights to their account.

Units Customer Portal sign up

Users will be prompted to create an account as part of the booking process when renting a unit. 

Units Customer App sign up

Valet Customer Portal sign up

Note: It is best to direct new customers to the get-started flow instead of account creation. The get-started flow includes order creation, account creation and billing information all in one flow. See more in the article: Integrating Storeganise with your website.

Simply go to the sign-up page of the Customer Portal and follow the simple steps. First name, last name, email and password are required fields.

The URL for the sign-up page will be {CustomerAppURL}/#/signup (e.g.

Hint: From the General settings, you can change the T&Cs link address and change if you want customers to tick to confirm or if they can sign up without explicitly agreeing to the T&Cs.

Val Customer App sign up

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