Each unit has its own page to outline summary info such as current tenant, move in date, price, payment details, charges, history, etc.

overview of unit details

The different unit states

The different unit states

  • Available: Unit is vacant and available for a new user to reserve or move-in. If no units of a specific unit type for a specific site are available, the unit type will show as "Sold out" in the Units Customer Portal.

  • Occupied: Unit is occupied & being rented by a customer.

  • Reserved: Unit is reserved by a customer, pending move-in (at which point it will become Occupied).

  • Blocked: Unit is blocked from being occupied or reserved (e.g. in the case a unit is closed for cleaning or maintenance).

Unit rental details

updating unit ownership details

Site access code

The site access code is the code assigned for the user occupying the unit to access the site in order to gain access to his / her rented unit. This can be inputted by clicking on the pencil icon on the top right of the Rental Details section.

Once a unit becomes unassigned, the site access code gets cleared back to a blank value.

In the Units Customer Portal, the site access code will be visible to a logged in user when they click to view their rented units.

Monthly Rent

Rent rate to be charged per month.

Invoice date

If you have anniversary billing setup for your instance, the invoice date reflects the day of the month that the invoice should be generated each month (i.e. for invoices to generate on the 15th of each month, set to 15).

This date will set automatically to the day of the month that matches the move-in date but can be updated, if necessary. Changing this, however, can impact your next invoice so please be careful about how / when these changes are made.

Note: Applicable only if you have your instance setup to bill customers on billing anniversary rather than a fixed day of the month. If you are setup for fixed day of month billing, this field will not appear.

Unit type & price

To edit the unit details, click on the pencil icon in the Unit Details section.

editing unit details


The unit type associated with the unit.

Default price

The default price applicable to the unit. This will be overridden if the price for the unit type is different and the order is created via the Units Customer Portal.

Default deposit

The default deposit applicable to the unit. This will be overridden if the deposit for the unit type is different and the order is created via the Units Customer Portal.

Unit details & size

Edit the size and location of the unit by clicking on the pencil icon.

editing size and location of unit
  • Name: Name for the unit. This must be in alphanumeric format and cannot be the same name as any other unit in the same site.

  • Size: Enter the dimensions (width, length and height) for the unit and choose the unit of measure (ft or m).

  • Floor: Location of the unit within the site.

  • Features: Select the feature(s) that should apply to the unit based on the features setup in the settings.

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