• Unit-order steps: Learn more about the different steps in a unit order from the Unit order: Steps help doc.

  • Creating unit orders: Learn how unit orders are created from the Unit order: Overview help doc.


The final step in a unit order is the move-in step. 

unit order details: move-in step

Change move-in date

Click on ✎ Change move-in date to select a different move-in date for the unit order.

update unit order move-in date

Change unit

You can change the unit associated with the unit order by clicking on ✎ Change unit and selecting an alternative unit from available units.

change unit associated with unit order

Download agreement

Click on Download agreement to open up the storage agreement with the corresponding details of the unit order filled out in the agreement pdf. 

The PDF will open in a new window where you'll be able to print or save the file.

The agreement template will follow the agreement template setup for the corresponding site as per the Site settings.

Signed agreements and other documents can be uploaded to the user's account in the User: Documents section.

Note: You can download the agreement also by clicking on the icon on the top right of the page during any step of the unit order.

Complete move-in

Click on ✔️ Complete move-in to finalise the unit order. At this point, the unit state will be updated from Reserved to Occupied.

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