• Unit-order steps: Learn more about the different steps in a unit order from the Unit order: Steps help doc.

  • Creating unit orders: Learn how unit orders are created from the Unit order: Overview help doc.


In this step, the system will generate the invoice for the customer including the number of months that are being pre-paid and any pre-set charges that are setup for the unit type in the Unit settings.

Click on the invoice line to go to the invoice page where you can charge the customer, send the invoice / receipt or manually mark a payment against the invoice.

unit order: check and charge invoice

Editing invoice items

The invoice can be edited directly within the unit order by clicking on a line item (or you can do this from within the invoice page).

Adding invoice items

To add additional line items to the invoice, click on the + Add item and enter the details in the pop-up window (or you can do this from within the invoice page).

unit order: adding invoice item details


Once the invoice is marked as paid, click on the ✔️ Continue button to move to the next step.

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