The Units tab shows all the units that you have setup within each respective site.

As with the other tabs, you can filter the data based on different criteria and export the filtered data in a comma separated value (csv) file format.

If you want to change the number of results loaded in the page, there is a button at the bottom of the page to do that.


Data can be filtered according to these filters:

  • Site: A list of each site you have setup in the system and ability to see all units across all sites

  • Type: This will be a list of the unit types you have setup in your system.

  • Vacancy: The current vacancy state of the unit. Available units will be available for booking. Reserved, Occupied or Blocked units will be blocked from being bookings.

  • Customer: To filter units associated to a specific user, enter the user details here.

The different unit states

  • Available: Unit is vacant and available for a new user to reserve or move-in. If no units of a specific unit type for a specific site are available, the unit type will show as "Sold out" in the Units Customer Portal.

  • Occupied: Unit is occupied & being rented by a customer.

  • Reserved: Unit is reserved by a customer, pending move-in (at which point it will become Occupied).

  • Blocked: Unit is blocked from being occupied or reserved (e.g. in the case a unit is closed for cleaning or maintenance).

Adding a unit

Click on the + Add unit button to bring up the add unit popup window, where you'll need to enter the details for the unit being created. See the next section if you are looking to bulk add existing units.

  • Name: Add a name for the unit. This must be in alphanumeric format and cannot be the same name as any other unit in the same site. 

  • Site: Choose the site that the unit should be added to.

  • Type: Choose the unit type associated with the unit being added. 

  • Size: Enter the dimensions (width, length and height) for the unit and choose the unit of measure (ft or m).

  • Default deposit: The default deposit applicable to the unit. This will be overridden if the deposit for the unit type is different and the order is created via the Units Customer Portal. 

  • Default price: The default price applicable to the unit. This will be overridden if the price for the unit type is different and the order is created via the Units Customer Portal. 

  • Features: Select the feature(s) that should apply to the unit based on the features  setup in the settings.

Note: When a new unit is created, it will default to being in a Blocked state until details are reviewed and the unit is marked as Available.

Bulk create & import units

If you'd like to get units added to the system in bulk, get in touch with us and we can provide you with an import template for you to fill out. We can then import those details into the system for you.


Click on the Export button to generate a csv file export of the data returned based on the settings you have applied. Once the file is generated, you'll see this become a green "Click to download" button.

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