The process of getting Storeganise integrated with your website is as simple as adding the URL to the Units Customer Portal into your site. 

If you are using Storeganise to do your website, we've got this covered for you already. To see a demo Storeganise site setup, check out

Unit bookings

Send new customers here so they can create an order, account and add payment details all in one go. Learn more about this in the Units Customer Portal Overview. {CustomerAppURL} (e.g.

Log in

Customers with accounts can go here to login.
{CustomerAppURL}/login (e.g.

Units Customer App: Log in

Forgot password

You likely won't use this link your website and customers can access this from the log in page if they forgot their password, but if you want to email this to a customer that calls up asking to reset their password, this would be the link to share:{CustomerAppURL}/forgot-password (e.g.

Units Customer App: Forgot password

Dual language setups

If you have a dual language Storeganise setup, customers will have the option to change the language setting by clicking on the corresponding language on the right hand side of the page.

If you want to send customers to the Units Customer Portal in a specific language, add this to the end of the URL: ?lang=xx where xx is the language code (see list below), such as in the login page example below:

{CustomerAppURL}/login?lang={xx} (e.g.

Units Customer App: Dual language setup

Language Codes: 

  • English: en

  • Español: es

  • Português: pt

  • Français: fr

  • Nederlands: nl

  • Svenska: sv

  • 中文(繁體): zh

  • 中文(简体): zh-CN

  • 한국어: ko

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